Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Films Nominated for Best Short

Two films that I produced earlier this year were nominated last week for Best Environmental Short Film at this year's Surfilm Festibal in San Sebastián, Spain.

In February during a rainy and gray weekend in San Francisco I wrote and edited Soundings. It features Captain Paul Watson and Dave Rastovich "sounding off" on all things fishy, environmental and oceanic.

With Angel Marin I also produced Standing in Chile in March, a short adventure film by Save The Waves and PerroRata that documents our tsunami relief work in the aftermath of Chile's massive earthquake. Both films are nominated at the Surfilm Festibal screening this weekend and next week.

My excellent Wingman and Brother from Another Mother, Angel Marin, directed Standing and he also shot some of the footage in Soundings. I think it's funny that we're now competing against each other for this prize. Either way, we win. We're keeping our fingers crossed for the announcement coming next week from Spain!

Top: a screen grab from "Soundings" - Captain Paul Watson in action.
Above: scene of post-tsunami destruction from "Standing."
View the films here:
>> Soundings
>>> Standing
>>>> Amstel Surfilm Festibal