Monday, April 19, 2010

The Miracle of Walking

Good News from Chile:

Several Chilean Santiaguino friends of mine are osteopathic doctors, craniosacral therapists, and emotional trauma specialists. I sent them down to the earthquake epicenter to work in the makeshift medical clinic there to help out with their unique medical gifts. They wrote me over the weekend with this amazing story:

"On Saturday, our last day of work in the area, the three of us drove in the ambulance to Mata del Boldo to see a woman who, since the earthquake, has been sitting in a chair unable to move due to severe emotional trauma brought on by the violence of the earthquake. We spoke with her at length, treated her with massage and therapy work and slowly we took her for a walk around her own house - step by step - and then we got her outside to see the neighborhood! Everyone thought it was a miracle."

Viva Chile.