Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile Earthquake in Surf Zone

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Saturday's earthquake and tsunami in Chile was huge. Its epicenter was about 5 km from where all of our environmental work is based, in the Cobquecura - Curanipe region of the Maule and Bio Bio Regions.

The surf towns and coastal areas of Pichilemu, Curanipe, Buchupureo and Cobquecura are all severely damaged, but so far loss of life has been minimal because the gradual start of the shaking allowed many people to escape to higher ground.

However, the Chilean news is now reporting that official fatalities will dramatically rise because many people are missing in the coastal areas hit hardest by the tsunami. Information is very slow to come from this hardest hit remote coastal region due to the magnitude of the damages and complete lack of communications.

Save The Waves is sending me to this devastated region to deliver medical supplies and 1,000 water filters. We tentatively have a local helicopter arranged to drop supplies and get doctors to the region ASAP. It might take me a while to get there via roads but we're trying. Gas, water, food, clothing, housing and other basics are very low.

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