Saturday, February 27, 2010


The area of Chile most effected by today's earthquake was my home and is also the focus of all of my environmental and social work with Save The Waves. The quake's epicenter is just a few miles away and we are now learning that the region is absolutely devastated by the 8.5-richter earthquake as well as by an ocean surge that swept the entire coastal region for hundreds of miles northward.

As soon as they reopen SCL airport I'm on my way back to Chile, with my firefighter friend and a medic, to help our friends and neighbors in Chile. Donate to our grassroots cause HERE.

When we get there we'll rent a truck and head south to the most devastated regions. We are bringing medical and other humanitarian supplies. We are expecting the worst. I will be updating as much as I can at this blog and on Twitter, but electricity and internet access will be slim due to the devastation.

Learn more and donate to our grassroots effort here at Save The Waves.