Thursday, August 27, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I learned of a minor tragedy that befell some local kids at an epic surf village I know and love. Fortunately - or so I thought - I know a small but powerful network of awesome individuals who also love the same area, so I reached out to them with a call to action to help out the kids with small donations of cash and/or supplies.

Fundraising went pretty well with nearly $1,000 raised in a week, but a very sensitive faction of the small network - leaders of the surf industry and the surf film industry - never even responded to this obviously win-win situation. Even though they've been shamelessly exploiting this surf spot through their media networks, they chose to not step up with some minor but great help for the locals. So I semi-anonymously, semi-publicly, and semi-directly called them out to please donate, now, for the kids.

Some were upset at my "fundraising techniques," and even contacted one of my superiors with their complaints. Frickin' lame! It felt like a butt-weak power play by douche bags. This was a simple, personal plea for help where it's desperately needed, not a damn corporate fundraising campaign. Get a life ya southern California wankers and don't stress the details. It's all good, and for a great cause. This is not a pissing match.

Always encourage freedom of expression. The surf industry has tried to muzzle me before, with bad results for their public image. Read and be entertained by part 2 of that saga here.

Apologies to readers who want more details, I am afraid to be more specific about who and where and why because I don't want to lose my job.