Friday, August 28, 2009


me*ni*al |ˈmēnēəl|
(of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige : menial factory jobs.
• [ attrib. ] [dated] (of a servant) domestic.
a person with a menial job.
• [dated] a domestic servant.

en*vi*ron*men*tal*ist |enˌvīrənˈmen(t)l-ist; -ˌvī(ə)rn-|
a person who is concerned with or advocates the protection of the environment.

en*vi*ro*me*ni*al*ist |enˌvīrənˈmēnēəl-ist; -ˌvī(ə)rn-|
The writer of this blog, a recently repatriated and lousy surfer of California and New York origins and a sometimes-outspoken, sometimes-threatened, occassionally-stifled, mediocre researcher and investigator of all things enviro-surfy. Proponent of the concept of "surfer environmentalist" and "surfer activist", this Enviromenialist often questions our role in the 'big picture' and what influence we have over our beautiful 'natural' environment. Are we victims of our own success as procreators, or are we merely caught on a fast and highly entertaining freight train to nowhere? If you're confused: welcome, my friend, that makes two of us.

Most likely, we are nothing less than complex bacteria on a sandwich, and we're here to eat the sandwich. Yesterday whilst caught in the throes of a quest for meaning and identity, I changed the name of this blog, from "A Green Surfing Movement" to "Enviromenialist." Thanks to Lewis Samuels of for the name, he coined it after I asked him for ideas.