Monday, May 25, 2015

"Of Hearts and Hands"

  "Pichilemu, Ramón Navarro's hometown and the country's burgeoning surf capital, was deeply agitated because of a government proposal to build..." Read more.

I am excited and proud to write a chapter in The Fisherman's Son - a beautiful new imprint by Patagonia Books. I also have a hand in the book's companion film by Chris Malloy, which you can watch above.

Get the book here to read my chapter, entitled "Of Hearts and Hands" about my beach clean up adventures with Ramón during our early years of Chile eco-campaigning, together with great stories from surf-literature legends such as Gerry Lopez, Jack Johnson, Chris Malloy, Yasha Hetzel and many more. The book also features incredible photography by Jeff Johnson, Geoff Ragatz, Alfredo Escobar, Rodrigo Farías and others.

Learn more about the innovative eco-collaboration between Ramón, Patagonia, Save The Waves and the locals to protect Punta de Lobos here!

Punta de Lobos, Chile, 2007. Photo by William Henry.