Friday, December 3, 2010

Awesomely Rad Art from a Friend

"Fit the Fish to Your Head With Care"
This art guy Mike is an old family friend, going way back. He makes killer art in Brooklyn, he once exported a big ole southern barn (yes, a barn) to an art gallery in Japan (yes, to Japan), and his website bio reads:

"Printmaker, painter, carpenter, musician, filmmaker, what the Hell? This perennially disheveled North Carolinian specializes in C.S.M.R.I.H.C.M. (Clumpy Subject Matter Rendered In Heavy Choppy Marks), and can draw the pants off a baboon, a jalopy, a Grandma, and maybe 2 other things." 

I really appreciate his deranged, humorous, and strangely positive perspective on life and art. Always an inspiration. Here are a couple of his black and white prints, and you can visit for more. 

"Raise High the Sweet Horn of Triumph"

"Save the Waves Film Festival" 

All images in this post are copyright reserved by Mike Houston and Cannonball Press