Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank Youse

Today I am honored to feature this guest post by surf writer extraordinaire, Ben Marcus. He writes this after an epic day in Malibu for the new Malibu World Surfing Reserve dedication ceremonies: 

Thank you for the Clif Bars, man. White chocolate macadamia nut!

       Oh yeah and thanks for letting my rascal friends slip into your party and drink all the tequila and eat all the poke/poki.

       Thanks for the poke/poki. Almost as good as Foodland kine.

       Oh yeah and thanks for making Malibu a World Surfing Reserve.

        It's a good place and it deserves that honor - and protection.

         Sometimes it even needs protection from the protectors, but enough said about that.

         I wish Malibu was six foot two days a week with five uncrowded days as the swell climbed and dropped on either side of those two days, but oh well.

        That is not in your power.

        Attached is the story about Malibu Creek steelhead I wrote for Fly Fish Journal.
        Big healthy fish = big healthy creek back in the day and it seems hard to believe when you look at how sad and dead and polluted and dammed and damned the creek is now.

         There is a tie-in between this story and those moving images of First Point Malibu in 1947.

          All that sand trapped behind Rindge Dam used to be strung along the point, and that is why the wave was better back then, I think.

          Thanks again for a good weekend.

           - Ben