Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clean Coal Is Still a Dirty Lie

Last week, Chile's Supreme Court approved the Los Robles Coal Power Plant in coastal Chile's pristine and remote southern Maule Region. This is a legal fight that we've been working on closely with the Maule Itata Coastkeeper, FIMA and Waterkeeper Alliance for nearly 2 years. This is not good news for the terrestrial and coastal environments of the area, but I am very proud that we took it all the way to the Chilean Supreme Court. The issue is far from over, and local activists are refusing to roll over and are reconsidering all options to ensure victory for the environment and the community's health. Stay tuned.

Clean coal is a dirty lie. The Dirty Lie website has excellent short films (including two films by Save The Waves) and comprehensive information about coal mining, global warming and solutions.

Above image from the Patagonia Surf eCatalog: Santos Del Mar big wave surf spot is located just offshore of the proposed site for the Los Robles Coal Power Plant. Click on the photo to view in large format and read additional information about the coal plant.