Friday, June 25, 2010

Stand for the Ocean

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Hands Across The Sand. It's simple and easy: just be at your local beach before 12 noon, join hands to form a line in the sand. Unite to oppose oil drilling and our insane addiction to oil.

With over 700 events worldwide, including every single state in the USA, find or create a Hands Across The Sand near you and help us tell our elected officials and overpaid CEOs that we're sick of our oil and oil slick disasters! More info here:


Our oil dependency is literally killing our culture and our planet through war, ecological destruction, and corporate thievery. Not to mention the fact that highways and traffic just plain suck - they're noisy, stinky, expensive and really, really ugly. Parking lots and highways are so last decade.

Personally, I walk and bike every single day to do my small part in getting us off oil. EVERYWHERE IS WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE IF YOU'VE GOT ENOUGH TIME. Get over your car. Hands Across The Sand.