Tuesday, July 7, 2009

West Virginia Ain't Cool With Coal

It's been three years since I started this blog, and my new inspiration is: environmental activism with no bullshit and no nonsense.

You'll notice a recurring message this year in my blog posts: "CLEAN COAL" IS A LIE. Coal mining creates a path of destruction of mountains, homes, health and water. The "clean coal" myth of carbon sequestration is a stop-gap measure and a lie created by the very well-connected and well-funded coal industry. If we don't change our electricity consumption habits, coal power will destroy the human race with toxic pollution.

"Carbon sequestration" means the capture and underground storage of the carbon burnt in coal. It's meant to fight global warming. It is a prohibitively expensive process, it is unproven, but more importantly, there are many other poisons associated with coal electricity power that are destroying us: mountain top removal in West Virginia, Australia and China; fly ash pollution causing massive asthma problems; mercury and heavy metals poisoning our waters; and more. Coal will destroy the health of our oceans and waterways. You can help by spreading the word that clean coal is a dirty lie, and you can help by changing your electricity consumption habits at home and at work to make coal power unnecessary. We don't need the dirty electricity created by coal power.