Thursday, June 11, 2009

Small Is Great

Small organizations are amazing. The larger they are, the less efficient use of energy spent on all things. Less responsive. Less flexible. More wasteful. Although both large and small organizations are fraught with ego maniacs, but that's another blog post... Headlines the world over these days are all about downsizing, the cutting of budgets, and unfortunately the publicly funded bailout of this and that massive corporation. I say, let them get smaller!

Case in point: the Los Robles coal plant slated for construction on a remote beach in Chile has been delayed and its financiers have lost millions of dollars due to the global economic meltdown. Financing is not available for the massive boilers used to process steam and burn coal for electricity. They were just too big and asking for too much.

It seems macro-economic meltdowns on a global scale are actually GREAT for the environment! Less consumption, less fossil fuels used, less plastic crap being manufactured and bought and discarded, less pollution entering our bloodstreams and lungs. More health for our kids - childhood asthma is a major concern in cities due to industrial activity. There may be less jobs, too, due to the economic crisis, but that's only temporary: it's time to harness and create green manufacturing jobs.

So bring on the downsizing, bring on the shrinking of budgets and organizations! Small is great. It may just save us from ourselves.

Note of full disclosure: I am employed by a very small organization. Save The Waves Coalition.

Photos this post by Will Henry.