Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oceans Day Is Everyday - World Oceans Day is Next Week

June 8, 2009: the first-ever UN-recognized World Oceans Day. Whatever, because every day is ocean day for my friends and I: buying less plastic since 1990. Driving less since 2001. Environmental activism to protect the ocean since 2003. But we all need a reason to celebrate, and a reason to encourage others to Love Thy Ocean. So next Monday come on out to any number of events being promoted all over the world to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Our newest short film, Keeping Coast, about Chile coal and our Coastkeeper program, is showing at the World Oceans Day Film Festival on Monday, June 8 at the Montara Lighthouse and Wednesday, June 10 in San Francisco. This is the first official screening of the film in California! Trailer:

Learn more about the film Keeping Coast and how you can see it by clicking here.