Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love Sharks

Whilst surfing this weekend, I pondered life and death. This sudden introversion was forced upon me by the environmental reality of the surf spots I love to frequent here in California: they're purportedly infested with Great White Sharks.

On Friday, a friend was sitting on the beach and saw a seal splash about 50 feet offshore. The seal swam frantically ashore. It beached itself in front of my friend, with a huge bloody gash in its rear. It had been bitten by a shark and escaped. I went surfing with another friend a few hours later at this exact point on the beach - we didn't learn of the shark attack until later, after we surfed. And they say this is the low-season for shark sitings...

Sharks are at grave risk of extinction from finning, bycatch fishing, and pollution - read and learn more here at New Scientist Magazine. Sharks are now on earth for over 400 million years, making them much older than dinosaurs.

Sharks are the ultimate survivors and adaptors. Will they survive humans? Learn more at Shark Alliance. Read my recent blog post about diving with the Great Whites of the Farallon Islands.

Above Great White Shark photo from