Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy World Oceans Day To You

I prefer to celebrate every day as Oceans Day. But it's a great reason to celebrate, nonetheless. And a great reason to get the word out that 71% of the world is in serious danger. Overfishing. Acidification. Rising sea levels. Coral bleaching and die-off. Industrial pollution. Plastics. Coastal armoring. Sedimentation from damming, forestry, overdevelopment.

We've done a great job at taxing the hell out of our oceans. Change your life, change our consumptive throw-away society, and we will save the oceans and our own lives. Ocean is life. Love Thy Ocean.

Today our film Keeping Coast is screening at the Montara Lighthouse. On Wednesday Keeping Coast is playing at the World Oceans Day Film Festival at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco.

As a filmmaker, I struggle with how massive amounts of energy and waste are used to make so many mediocre films. Here's a new idea for truly "green" films: recycle old, stock footage that's not copyrighted! If you can make Sex Galaxy from old footage, you can make anything - it's all in the editing: