Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Is A Wave On May 14

Our third annual Life Is A Wave fundraiser to benefit Save The Waves environmental programs is coming to 111 Minna in San Francisco on Thursday, May 14. We are a tiny, non-profit organization of activists proactively protecting surf spots and coastline. We operate very efficiently on a very small budget and we need your donations to keep going.

This event is a fundraiser party / live auction / silent auction / raffle celebration with live music by Bayonics, Kapakahi and others. Buy your tickets online here now because this event will sell out! Featuring tons of epic surfboards, wetsuits, travel packages and other amazing gifts that will rock your CA world. Auction items list will be posted at Save The Waves event website on Thursday, April 30.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting Your Friendly Neighborhood Wave Savers. Keep surfing and stay stoked.

"Think it, feel it, do it. Walk your talk, mate." - Rastovich's Dad in Blue Horizons.