Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keeping Chile: A New Coastkeeper

In partnership with FIMA (Fiscalia del Medio Ambiente) and Waterkeeper Alliance, Save The Waves Coalition is now starting a permanent new nonprofit environmental program to protect the Chilean coast: the Maule Itata Coastkeeper. This is Chile's first member program of the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance, who have grassroots environmental programs in over 180 countries.

Rodrigo de la O, a Chilean activist, fisherman, strawberry farmer and lover of his coast, is the person representing the Maule Coastkeeper on the beaches and in the ocean waters of Chile's 7th and 8th regions. We will officially launch this program on the beach in Curanipe in February 2009 with a ceremony and visits from other Waterkeeper Alliance members in South America.

The mission of this Coastkeeper program is to protect coastal waters and their surrounding environment between the mouths of the Itata River and the Maule River in southern Chile through community education, environmental advocacy, aggressive litigation, citizen participation and independent scientific monitoring. WE ADVOCATE FOR CLEAN WATER AND STRONG COMMUNITIES IN COASTAL CHILE.

Please contact Save The Waves Coalition to donate your time, gear and money to this innovative new environmental program!