Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Yo Amo a Chile!

I live in Chile and travel extensively here for work and fun. This country is slowly, quickly becoming my flesh and blood: every day. Here are some snapshots of life in Chile: the good, the bad; the imperfect and the perfect; or is it just numerous shades of gray? It's not all epic waves, story book photos and scandalous environmental problems... in spite of what some people would have you believe. But it will still turn around and bite you in the ass as soon as you think you've tamed it.

This is Nacho, one of Ramon's cousins. If you go surf Lobos, don't tell him I sent you. Actually, forget that, this 18-year-old surf punk probably won't talk to you anyway. Learn to love stink eye and the life of a traveling surfer becomes oh-so-much-easier.

This is Omar entering the water to anchor his net overnight. He's one of the kings of Punta de Lobos.

Chilean families know how to eat well.

February in the Sixth Region. This is the best time to visit the beach in Chile. On this day we set up a PA sound system with two DJs from Argentina and had 200 people working for an impromptu beach cleanup session!

July is cold and it rains a lot at the beach. Chilean flag meets Andes Mountains.

Meeting of man and wave.