Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fashion for the Ocean

Santiago de Chile:
On November 15 we held Fashion for the Ocean (Moda por el Mar), a beachwear fashion event benefitting Save the Waves and Proplaya. You can see more photos of "minas y minos" of the event at these two websites. It was a smashing success with over 400 people in attendance at the small underground bar "El Subterraneo" located literally underground in hip and vibrant Providencia. We hung our protest banners from the ceiling, decorated everything with giant bolts of red cloth and pasted up old Proplaya advertisements on all the walls.

Eight top models from Elite Models Chile donated their time and their long slender legs for the cause and the crowd loved every minute of it! The models walked the bright red catwalk in Roxy, Quiksilver and Patagonia's Watergirl clothing and many of the lovelies were seen holding protest placards demanding justice and protection for the Chilean sea. Gonzalo Feito and Fran Concha, two Chilean TV stars and comedians, hosted the event and the raffle.

We raised over US$1,400 in cash for our programs in Chile and we received tons of press coverage about what we're doing. At the end of the night we raffled off a Honda Scooter with a custom surf rack attached, a custom surfboard, a wetsuit and clothing. I worked my butt off and now everyone awaits the 2007 version! There's nothing like a little bit of good old sex appeal to make publicity and good clean fun.

Video of Fashion for the Ocean 2006: